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Interview with local champion Vincenzo Ingletto 2016

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                THE SHORTBOARD CONCEPT                                                                       THE GUN CONCEPT                                                                      THE LONGBOARD CONCEPT                                                              


Test ALIFOIL Double CLAWS performace

  revolution '' FIN '' SYSTEMS

or Removable whit SD BOX Systems

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The registered patent attests the industrial property of the edge of any type of vessel made with the '' C '' shape in any type of material used for the fixed or removable construction.

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This idea was born in the 2000s after numerous experiments and tests, in 2005 a multifunctional prototype was perfected and presented to newspapers with the aim of improving the performance of a water sports board by making it safer, then it was filed in 2006 as an industrial patent in 2007 the patent for a fixed or interchangeable C-shaped.
Today the development of this idea aims to make a single surfboard universal thanks to the possibility of interchanging shaped covers allowing adaptation to any marine weather conditions, this innovative idea continues to develop chameleonically adapting itself in different shapes and solutions applicable to different sport equipment .

ALISURFboard technology was conceived by Alfonso Canfora to be associated also with the patented technologies: 


ALIBIKE                                                                           CRYSTALLSURF                                                                     SD Box

Articles dedicated to this discovery:

Articolo la Nuova Sardegna (Enrico Carta)

Articolo METEO e SURF (Michele Cicoria)



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